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Turkey 6th


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  • SONMAK Gang-saw Blades

  • Sintered Diamond Wires

  • Diamond Segments

  • Diamond Wire Beads

  • Concrete and Asphalt Saws

  • Sonmak Circular Saws, Stone Saw Blades

  • Wet Core Drills for Concrete and Asphalt

  • Locks for Diamond Wire Saws

  • Steel Wire for Diamond Wire Saws

  • Frankfurt Abrasives

  • Electrolyzed Profile Wheels

  • Joints for Diamond Wire Saws

  • Spacers for Diamond Wire

  • Sonmak Grinders for Marble, Granite and Concrete

  • Core Drills

  • Diamond Calibrators

  • Springs for Diamond Wires

  • Sonmak Profiles, Profiling Wheels

  • Sonmak Sintered and Electro Plated Profiling Wheels

  • Sonmak Calibrators

  • Worn Segment

  • Vacuum Brazed Diamond Beads and Wires

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